The aim of this website is to introduce ourselves.

To inform you about the hospital in Kenya were we have worked for approximately 3 months of each year since 1999.

To introduce you to the varied and wonderful country of Kenya with its colourful people.

To show you some of the interesting wildlife that we have been privileged to see in Kenya’s exotic game parks.

We hope to bring to you some of the difficulties and problems its people have to face on a daily basis; such as the considerable changes in the weather patterns leading to long periods of drought followed by very heavy rain which can make life extremely difficult. Many Kenyans spend most of their time trying to find enough money to pay for food and the rent. Any illness or accident is a finacial disaster for them. The people are very entrepreneurial, which we will demonstrate by showing some of the cottage industries that take place at the side of the road the likes of which have largely disappeared from the UK.

We will explain some of the difficulty in running a 250 bedded hospital in a poor country with limited infra structure when the hospital has to rely on its patient’s fees when many people only have an income of a pound a day.

In time we hope to develop pod casts and expand into some of the problems that affect all our lives.

Vervet monkey eating an hibiscus flower

Bee eater eating a bee

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