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I was born in the Midlands to a Christian couple just before the start of the second world war.First memory of life was being taken away from my mother to hospital for 10 days at the age of 18 months.

I was regarded as hopeless at school because I had great trouble learning to read. However I passed the 11plus examination to go to a grammar school mainly because they introduced an intelligence test which involved rats running round a maze and one had to find the most optimum route. Being more mathematical I did well in it. At a technical grammar school I enjoyed science, joined the St John’s ambulance brigade and resolved to be a doctor.

My Father, who was a master builder, was opposed to me being a doctor but he died when I was 15 which was really the end of my childhood. I obtained the required O and A levels, then went to Guy’s Hospital Medical School.

While studying there found a wonderful Christian nurse, tall, good looking, sporting and very hard working. We married as soon as I qualified.

After the birth of our first child Mary became a full time home maker at which she excelled. I trained as a surgeon for 10 years in that great city of Liverpool, during which I was able to take a sabbatical year off in 1972. We went to work in the Ivory Coast in a mission hospital taking our 3 young children with us. An amazing experience.

In 1975 I was appointed as a general surgeon in Sunderland where I enjoyed a happy and rewarding life. I retired aged 61 and with Mary have spent 10 periods working in a Missionary Hospital in Kenya, which is still an ongoing project with our next tour of duty in 2011.

Between times I enjoy gardening, playing sport, spending time on the computer and trying to keep up with our 8 grandchildren.


I was born in September 1937 at Blackheath, London and lived for most of my childhood in West Wickham with my parents and elder brother. I was educated from the age of nine and a half at an independent co-educational boarding school in Glossop, Derbyshire which was run on strong Christian principles.

I started children’s nursing course at Great Ormond Street hospital and on qualifying went to Guy’s hospital to complete the SRN course. It was whilst at Guy’s hospital that I met David who was in his third year at Medical School.

Although I didn’t pursue a nursing career after the birth of our first child I became a ‘homemaker’ to care for our three children and to support David in his career to become a surgeon.

I have enjoyed the challenge of voluntary work at the mission hospital in Kenya supporting David and being involved in the Medical Stores which plays a key role in the smooth running of the hospital.

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