Samburu Game Park

We have now been working at the hospital for seven weeks. Recently my work load increased dramatically as Dr Maina, the resident Kenyan surgeon, is on leave for four weeks so I am now the only general surgeon here. We were able to have a weekend off and we visited the Samburu Game Park. Below are posted some of the pictures taken on that visit.

I went for a walk in the park with my friend Abdi a ranger I have known for 11 years. A rifle is useful in case a lion joins us for the walk.

We saw a pack of hunting dogs. They are rare visiters to the park and we were very privileged to see them.

There were approximately 12 in number. Working as a group they are very efficent hunters.

This small monitor lizard was resting on top of a termite mound.

A baby baboon takes a lift on its mother's back

Two bee eaters resting.

The wreakage of our favourite lodge which was destroyed by a massive flood one year ago. After this extreme event it has been followed by a year of drought which has killed many animals in the park.

The lions take a afternoon nap after eating a zebra unfortunately a endangered Grevy's rebra

  • The river in Samburu was dry when we went to bed but with overnight rain in the surrounding mountains it was flowing in the morning. This water was being enjoyed by the elephant and we just hope this is the start of a good rainy season.

We found with the help of our ranger a leopard resting under a bush but too far away to get good pictures.

These Oryx had found a puddle from some overnight rain and were enjoying a drink.

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