Meru Game Park

We visited the Meru Game Park which is situated approximately 35Km from the hospital which allows us to go there for the day. Dr Claire Smithson lends us a Jimmie Suzuki which is a four wheel drive into which we just fit as it is a small vehicle, however it is a great joy to experience the wonders of the Kenyan country side and see its amazing wildlife. Below are some of the pictures of the animals and birds we were excited to see.

Two heads are better than one! Reticulated Giraffes watching us
The rare secretive Lesser Kudu
A Hippopotamus showing its enormous mouth
A Martial Eagle about to land
A Martial Eagle closely examining us
The Sacred Ibis. A bird that helps to recircle the food waste at the hospital.
A Cape Buffalo enjoying a mud bath in a swamp
Two Saddle Billed Storks fishing in the swamp
Grevy’s Zebra. This is a rare and endangered species with less than 4000 remaining in the world.
Vultures waiting for a meal

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