Morphine for cancer pain

In Kenya cancer patients are frequently given the drug Pethidine to relieve pain.  Pethidine is a morphine like substance that has to be injected and is only available in hospital. The Maua Hospital Palliative Care Team lead by Dr Claire Smithson wrote a song with music by David Muriira to encourage the use of morphine which can be taken by mouth saving the patient from a painful injection at a tenth of the price. The words of the song are:-

Morphine for cancer pain,

Pethidine is not the same.

Injections hurt. They make me sore.

When I go home there is no more.

Let us join and sing therefore.

Pethidine is not the same. Morphine for cancer pain.

to see it as it was performed for the benefit of all the hospital staff.


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