• The institution is a referral hospital that serves a community of nearly half a million people. The people have to pay for their treatment as this is the main source of income for the hospital to pay the staff and buy drugs and equipment. There are approximately 250 beds with nearly the same number of staff. The hospital has many specialised departments, among the most important are
  • Outpatient department [including specialised clinics for hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDs, eyes, dentistry, physiotherapy]
  • Medical department
  • Surgical department consisting of 60 bedded ward, 10 bedded burns unit, a trauma suit and three theatres
  • Maternity department
  • Children’s department with a neonatal unit
  • Community health with counselling for HIV/AID and family planning
  • Kenyan registered nurse teaching school

Surgical ward


Childrens ward

Two small patients

Nurses dedication

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