The Brainstorm school

After a safe journey to Nairobi on 2nd February it was my privilege to visit the Brainstorm Junior School in Kibera, Nairobi’s biggest slum, escorted by my friend Ishmael Ouma. The school has an inspirational headmaster, George Jarona.In the 3 years I have been visiting the school it has grown from 70 pupils to 110. Most of the children come from very poor homes, some are orphans having lost their parents with AIDs. The headmaster thinks 45 of the children are  affected by the virus but most will not be tested due to the stigma attached.

The large school room with 110 pupils in five classes Just imagine the difficulty of teaching the eldest children maths when younger ones are having a singing lesson. Not easy being a teacher!

The funding for the school comes from local churches, parents and other well wishers. The teachers are volunteers  given occasional expenses as they are unable to get paid work.

The headmaster George Jarona with one of his youngest pupils who is his own son

The school organises a feeding programme giving a porridge meal at least once a day and twice if funds allow.

Serving the porridge

Kibera is not an easy place to live with no sewage system and only limited water taps which often involve long waits to fill containers and then a struggle home with the heavy load. People make the best of it and seem very content in spite of the hard life and the mass of people living in a very small space.

Preparing chapattis with soiled water at her feet
This lady has washed this load in cold water. Fortunately she is probably unaware of the joys of an automatic washing machine!


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