Planned 2012 Kenyan visit

Family Christmas Part

Christmas is now just a happy memory and 2012 is approaching fast. We are beginning to concentrate on our twelfth trip to the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya, our flights are booked for 2nd Feb. It is never easy to depart from the relative safety of England to travel to Maua which is half the world away in distance, but in terms of security and comfort it is even further. The recent rains have been good and so the country should look green and pleasant, very different to when we left in late April 2011 when the country was suffering a severe drought.

At the hospital there are now new challenges with both local recently qualified junior doctors in post and visiting medical students from an American university arriving, all needing further training. One of my main roles will be to develop their clinical and practical skills. This will be helped by a video projector that we purchased on my last visit with money donated to us by well wishers.

When we arrive in Nairobi before travelling North to the hospital at Maua I plan to visit a small school in Nairobi’s largest slum, Kibera, to see the teaching and feeding programme  that is going on there. I will experience some of the amazing community spirit in the slum that many of our inner cities lack.  We personally donate to their feeding programme as well as contributing help with their running costs.

We appreciate all those following this blog and thank you for the comments received. It is great to know people share our passion for Africa. We will try our best to keep our  blog up to date while we are there but sometimes it is hard as we can get very busy with hospital work and sometimes we have problems with Internet access.




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