Great problems with waste


   The hospital has a enormous problem with waste. For example many disposable gloves are used on the wards and in the theatre. In February  approximately 94,000 gloves were used [£4,500]. Many dressings even some that are changed twice a day need to be burnt Consider then all the syringes  [in 2011 over half a million]and needles it adds up to a major problem.  These are burnt on our very primitive incinerator and the ash is then buried in one on the numerous holes that have been dug round the ground of the hospital rather like very large rabbit holes.

The patients, some of the staff and all the student nurses are fed. Inevitably some food is left. This is disposed off down one of the great caverns dug in the grounds.

One of the large holes where waste is deposited

 However we have a very well fed army of helpers who eat most of it. They are the birds including very large black and white crows,  sacred ibis and finally the habada ibis. These latter birds are also useful as very reliable alarm clocks with their wake up call at 6-15am, but we do wish that they knew we liked a lie in on Sundays. They rost in the trees above our house and they make more noise than the planes taking off from Heathrow which we have experienced while staying in London.

The large black and white crows

The sacred ibris waiting for the meal

The very noisy hadada ibris awiting it’s turn





New slider of some of the problems of donations that we have not been able to use. They are in fact an embarrassment for the hospital as storage is very limited


This cow is helping with waste disposal, hope that she does not get indigestion!

Each month the hospital buys drugs and medical supplies from MEDS [Medical and Essential Drug Supplies]. The cost of this order is always about £1500 [Approximately 2300 US dollars] and help with this bill is a great way to assist the hospital

Sorting a small amount of the  monthly delivery

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